nordlux 2210606103 Oja 29 Vodič za instalaciju LED svjetla

Discover how to safely remove the light source from the Nordlux Oja 29 LED Light (model 2210606103) with this user manual. Learn about its features, dimensions, and IP20 rating. Perfect for indoor use, this lighting fixture emits light at two color temperatures. Follow the step-by-step instructions for easy installation and maintenance.

nordlux 2015056155 Oja 29 LED svjetlo Uputstvo za upotrebu

Ensure proper installation and use of the 2015056155 Oja 29 LED Light with this comprehensive user manual. Includes product information, power supply details, and disposal instructions for environmental protection. Discover the 3-step mood-making function and reset capability. Find out more in the provided Monteringsanvisning document.